Scalpel Handle No. 7


Scalpel Handle No. 7


Scalpel handle No.7 Many different types of handles are used. The different styles are numbered and hold a variety of scalpel blade sizes. Extreme care must be taken when attaching and removing the scalpel blades.

Scalpel Handle No. 7, Long


Product Information

  • Namescalpel Handles
  • Raw material-Forgings from stainless steel
  • Surface-Silk matte satin finish Main
  • Function-To hold scalpel blades
  • Where used mostly-All surgery #plastic surgery instruments #surgery instruments #ear nose and throat instruments #neurosurgery instruments #plastic surgeon tool

Surgical scalpels consist of two parts, a blade and a handle. The handles are often reusable, with the blades being replaceable. In medical applications, each blade is only used once (sometimes just for a single, small cut).

The handle is also known as a “B.P. handle”. Morgan Parker patented the 2-piece scalpel design in 1915 and Bard-Parker developed a method of cold sterilization that would not dull the blades, as did the heat-based method that was previously used.

The handle of medical scalpels come in two basic types. The first is a flat handle used in the #3 and #4 handles. The #7 handle is more like a long writing pen, rounded at the front and flat at the back. A #4 handle is larger than a #3. Blades are manufactured with a corresponding fitment size so that they fit on only one size handle. The following table of blades is incomplete and some blades listed may work with handles not specified here.


The usage of both safety scalpels and a single-handed blade remover, combined with a hands-free passing technique, are potentially effective in reducing scalpel blade injuries. It is up to employers and scalpel users to consider and use safer and more effective scalpel safety measures when feasible.

scalpel, or lancet, or touristy, is a small and extremely sharp bladed instrument used for surgery, anatomical dissection, podiatry and various arts and crafts (called a hobby knife). Scalpels may be single-use disposable or re-usable.

scalpel is a special kind of knife used by doctors, particularly surgeons. Scalpels are small, lightweight, and have a fine, sharp blade. … When a surgeon uses a scalpel, she holds it using either the “dinner knife” grip, for large incisions, or the “pencil” grip, for smaller cuts.


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