Liposuction Cannulas

Luer Lock Hub/Connector:
The universal Luer Lock hub enables cannula to attach directly with any Luer Lock Syringe.

Super Luer Lock Hub/Connector:
A modification to general Luer Lock hub which is more powerful, more stable, Leak proof, free from instability and contamination.  

Threaded Hub/Connector:
Threaded connector hub style is used mostly for machine assisted Liposuction cannulas, Lissom International unique Light weight threaded cannula can also be used with ordinary syringe. All you need is connector from threaded to Luer style.

60cc Tommey Hub/Connector:
An ideal hub style for surgeons why  love to handle large fat volumes. This hub style connect cannula to a 60cc Tommey  to syringe.

Fixed Handle Cannulas:
Lissom International super power grip handle fixed with the cannula of your own choice! The unique design of handle offer powerful grip harvesting large volumes. You will feel amazingly comfortable ever after a long operational time. The thumb grip provide a unique opportunity to control the thrust.