Lissom International is committed to abiding by the highest quality standards and to exclusively marketing excellent products in order to guarantee each and every patient the opportunity to regain the best possible quality of life. With a surface area of over 20,000m², specially reserved for medical implant production throughout its sites in the United States, Europe and North Africa, Lissom International can truly pride itself in its one heritage in the field of top-quality sub-contracting. As the last addition to its 200 year-old international parent group, Lissom International offers established expertise in the manufacture of prostheses, implants and surgical instruments for orthopaedics, traumatology, extremities, spinal and dental surgery. 

Lissom International, we consider that our most precious capital lies in our collaborators (Team members), without distinction of origin of culture and in their commitment to the company. Our purpose is to attract, to develop, to reward and to retain the best of them by offering them a professional environment secure and pleasant and the opportunity to succeed in a spirit of team and equity. The safety of each and every one of them is a mandatory prerequisite towards achieving our aim.
All of the products we manufacture are used to improve the lives of many patients and, as such, the quality of each and every product must be beyond reproach. Our entire staff is perfectly aware of the final use of our products and they all strive to apply the highest possible quality standards and to abide by the regulatory requirements that govern our specific sector.